Voter Education Postcard Project

Join our three-wave postcard effort targeting voters who support Democrats, but who do not vote regularly, in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Virginia – not coincidentally, the three states holding general elections in 2019. Right now, we’re reaching voters early and reminding them, with state-specific examples, why voting this year is so important (constitutional crisis, anyone?). Our first batch of 5,000+ cards went out at the end of January; now that we’ve got voters’ attention, let’s press the point!

This project will build on the success of the Sister District Action Network’s previous postcard experiments, designed to investigate the impact of hand written postcards in political outreach.  And it will lay the foundation for Sister District’s 2019-2020 “Last Chance” strategy, to improve the position of Democrats in state legislatures prior to redistricting in 2021.

Design by Doron Putka