New! Sister District MA-RI StateSide Circle-of-Friends

Fact 1: many folks who are overwhelmed by current events want to take action, but don’t have time to attend events, make calls, or write letters.
Fact 2: personal recruitment has an outsize impact on getting and keeping people involved in a cause.

1 + 2 = our new StateSide Circle-of-Friends! It’s simple: you send an email to like-minded friends, letting them know why state legislatures are so important (hint: climate initiatives, gun legislation, reproductive rights)… and why strong, progressive Sister District candidates are worth supporting.

Email us a to get started and help flip Virginia Blue in 2019!

Each month, we’ll supply you with a template email introducing 3 Sister District-endorsed candidates. You’ll personalize the email and send it to friends who can, with one click, contribute to any or all three picks. The only rule: Donate as generously as you can, but remember that no contribution is too small. Your friend list remains confidential.

If we can boost small-dollar financial support for Democratic state legislative races, we can make blue inroads before 2020 elections and 2021 redistricting.

In our pilot project with only 20 participants we raised over $10,000 in 3 months. Join us!