Post-it Notes for Hala

We’re writing Post-it notes for Hala Ayala’s canvassers! Instead of just leaving campaign materials that might get tossed, her canvassers leave a personal message on a sticky note to help make sure they get read. But writing the notes takes time away from canvassing and other important field activities, so we’re helping the campaign get them done.

You can write notes on your own, or you can multiply your impact by hosting an event in your home — invite your own friends, or open it up to Sister District volunteers and we’ll help with invites & social media! If you’d like to host an event, email us or start the set up online.

Want to take part? Here’s how:

  • Deadline: All Post-It notes should be mailed on or before Oct. 25, 2019.
  • Supplies: You provide the 4×4 Post-it notes, and the postage required to mail your packs of notes directly to the campaign office. Choose any color you like (except red, of course). They come in packs of 90. And feel free to decorate.
  • Message: Write this message *exactly as written* on every note in each pack — please do not modify, as the message has been approved by Hala’s campaign:
    • Hi!
      Sorry to have missed you!
      Hope you vote for Delegate Ayala on November 5th!
      – Team Hala
  • Note: If you like, include a note to the campaign with your name, your Sister District MA-RI affiliation, and your best wishes for Hala!
  • Mail: As soon as you’ve written them (but by Oct. 25 at the latest), send your Post-Its to this address: Ayala for Delegate, ATTN: Lucy MacIntosh, PO Box 7434, Woodbridge, VA 22195.
  • Report: As soon as you mail a batch, send us an email letting us know how many, so we can keep track of how many voters will be receiving them!

Hala’s campaign hopes to knock on 30,000 doors by November. So together with Sister District volunteers in Vermont (affiliated with Lean Left Vermont), we’re going to be writing as many Post-its as we can!