Obtaining Postcards

Every postcard campaign we organize is slightly different, but most of the time hosts and organizers are responsible for providing postcards and stamps. For events, plan on 10-15 cards per person. Postcard stamps are 35 cents each.

For medium-sized to big events, stamps and cards can cost a lot; consider asking attendees to contribute. (If the postcards are for a candidate, be sure all donors fill out an in-kind contribution form in order to adhere to campaign finance laws.) 

IMPORTANT: Postcards make for a unique, personal connection to voters, and text must be entirely handwritten! Also, check your postcarding instructions, or ask a captain, to see if certain kinds of front designs are off-limits. (Generally: NO jokes, religious imagery, political messages, or offensive images.) 

Below are some suggestions for where to buy postcards.

Sister District Shop: Our HQ sells postcards suitable for our campaigns.  

Pretty and preprinted from Amazon: Patriotic, BotanicPuppies, Marimekko, Seasons, Birds

Post Office: You can buy pre-stamped postcards directly from the post office, like these.

Order custom cards in bulk: Online vendors like Vistaprint.com charge roughly $75 plus shipping for 1,000 cards. You can upload your own template, or a template suggested by SDP. Look for coupon codes before buying! 

Printable, blank postcards: Sheets of cards, four per sheet. Print these out using a design template (see below), or be creative and draw your own designs. No address lines on the back. 

Blank, lined postcards: Individual blank cards with address lines and stamp placement, if you want to be creative and hand-draw designs. Another option here.

Cardstock: Use templates to print on these and cut yourself. Available from Staples in colors and white. (Weights of 80 lb and 110 lb meet USPS requirements.) 

Postcard templates: Download templates to print from Designing for Democracy and Postcards from the People.