Melissa Shusterman (PA-157) * WINNING CANDIDATE *

“My 16-year-old turned to me after the 
election and he said, ‘America doesn’t want a smart, qualified woman in office.’ By Friday I was running.”

On Nov. 6, 2018, Melissa Shusterman successfully flipped a red seat blue in the Pennsylvania state house.

Melissa is an entrepreneur who started her own digital video business as a single mother. She ran for the Pennsylvania state house on a platform of “common sense before politics,” and believes it is more important than ever for regular citizens, not career politicians, to get involved in state politics. She pledged to:

  • Fight for fair politics and battle gerrymandering 
  • Protect a woman’s right to choose health care and reproductive services
  • Protect and expand our social safety net
  • Pursue common-sense gun safety policies 
  • Protect our environment from the threat of climate change
  • Seek bipartisan collaboration to balance the state budget and reduce debt

In the Pennsylvania state legislature, Republicans hold a drastically unfair advantage. It’s critical for Democrats to win seats to make blue inroads in this presidential battleground state. We need to win seats back in both chambers of the state legislature to lay the foundation for flipping the state blue.