Instructions for Setting Up Events

There are three easy steps to set up an event online using Action Network: (1) Event RSVP, (2) Event Thank You, and (3) Response Options.

1. Event RSVP: Fill out the form with your event info. Modify the description as needed. Some parts you need to modify are in *ALL CAPS*. If you’re having a house party, DON’T fill in your street address — use “RSVP for Host’s Address” instead. (You’ll provide your street address in a confirmation email to guests in Step 3.) Click “SAVE AND GO TO NEXT STEP.”

2. Event Thank You: Leave the default text. (Although if you have special instructions or requests, you can add them here if you like.) Click “SAVE & PUBLISH.”

3. Response Options: Partway down the page, look for “Response Options.” There are two templates for emails that will go to your guests. Modify the sections that are *IN ALL CAPS*.

You can see these instructions again on the final page by clicking on the red “VIEW GUIDELINES” button.

That’s it! We’ll contact you with any questions and let you know the next steps.