Host a Fundraiser

We’re kicking off election season with fundraisers! Host your own by signing up for any of the options below. Email us at [email protected] to get help setting up your event!

There’s also a page full of Resources​ to help you make your event a success.

SAVE OUR NATION VACATION: From our Sister District neighbors in VT, this program connects progressive property owners with like-minded folks looking for short-term vacation housing. Learn how to participate.

EAT TO UNSEAT: Host a Potluck for Progress and your guests will redirect $$ for their dinner date (whether for French fries or foie gras) toward flipping a seat red to blue. It’s an evening of community, food, and activism.

SITTERS RESISTANCE: Babysit for the blue wave or host a kids’ night kick-starter. A great way to involve teens! Give your friends a night out without worry & redirect their babysitting $$ to our candidate. All you’ll need is pizza, board games, a movie to give the kids a fun night.

CONCERTS FOR CANDIDATES: Do you know a performer or performing group, musical or otherwise? Put their talents toward the Sister District cause by hosting a performance fundraiser.

KNIT-TO-FLIP: Have fun with like-minded knitters and needle-crafters and raise money for our candidate. We even have tips for making Blue Wave caps & headbands from one of our Sister District volunteers!

GAME SHOW PARTY: Have fun with like-minded activists and raise $$ for our candidate. We’ll provide PowerPoint slide decks for two civics-themed games: Jeopardy & Family Feud, created by Sister District volunteers.

CHEERS TO CHANGE: Invite like-minded activists to gather for drinks at your favorite pub, bar, or lounge. Gab about Sister District and the state of the resistance. It’s a great way to help the cause and bring new people in.

Old Fashioned Fundraiser: Use your party-planning prowess to host an old-fashioned fundraiser for our candidate. You provide the inspiration, light refreshments, and a friendly space, and we’ll provide support with event announcements, RSVP management, and donation links.