Holiday Greetings

Happy Holidays from your Sister District Project MA/RI District Captains!

Congratulations on all of the amazing work we’ve done together in 2017.

It’s incredible to think about how much we’ve accomplished in just one year! Thanks to everyone who came to a meeting, mailed a postcard, made a phone call, texted someone, sent an email, canvassed — did everything they could to help 14 OF OUR 2017 CANDIDATES WIN THEIR RACES — with one TIE (!) called for Shelly Simonds race in VA-94!

Every single vote counts, and every single one of you made a difference!

Now get some rest and get ready for an incredible 2018!

And if you just can’t wait to dig into something new, we’re phone banking for two Sister Race candidates with elections coming up on January 16th and February 13th. Check out our new website for details on the candidates and a listing of January events coming soon! And stay tuned for more activities, like postcarding and texting.


Your Sister District MA/RI District Captains
[email protected]