Empower the Electorate, AGAIN!

Join Sister District volunteers around the country as we work — once again, using now-proven methods — to encourage new voter registrations and empower the American electorate!

Sister District Action Network is continuing its partnership with the Voter Participation Center (VPC). VPC is sending state-specific registration forms to unregistered voters of the Rising American Electorate — unmarried women, people of color, and millennials — in the states of Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Our team’s postcards to residents of Pennsylvania will act as reminders to register to vote.

This project follows on the success of Sister District’s nationwide postcard experiment in March, which showed that that reminder postcards increased the odds of returning completed forms by 20 percent. This new project is similarly designed as a controlled experiment, to help us replicate previous results and identify if effects are stronger for different subsets of the population.

Voter Participation Center