Cindy Boatwright (SC-99)

“It’s been great to see my support from all over the country, especially Sister District. Thank you!” 

Cindy Boatwright ran for the South Carolina state legislature in a special election on Jan. 16, 2018 to fight corruption and flip her district blue. Visit her website. 

Cindy is a mental health counselor with a business background, born and raised in SC, and spurred to action after the Nov 2016 elections. She completed the Emerge America training program and is eager to fight against the corruption and mismanagement in her state and put a focus on public schools (currently ranked last in the country). Cindy is running to fill a vacant seat, left open when the Republican stepped down after being indicted for ethics violations. Her Republican opponent is a far-right candidate who is proud of her work to help elect Trump. 

Watch Cindy’s statement on why she entered the race:

(Some of our local MA teams are supporting Cindy Boatwright, but she is not an official Sister District Project candidate.)