We help Democrats across the country win state legislative races — strategic, flippable or vulnerable races, often in red states (see Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida, where we’ve helped propel progressive candidates into office). We also support targeted voter-education and get-out-the-vote efforts. Learn more about Sister District strategy in this Medium article by Sister District Project co-founder Gaby Goldstein.

Our grass-roots, action-based teams do it all – writing postcards, phone-banking, text-banking, canvassing, organizing, recruiting, fundraising, and doing research. Whether you like to get out on the front lines or prefer to work behind the scenes, there’s a role for you. We believe EVERYONE CAN BE AN ACTIVIST.

We’ve got a voter-education postcard project going on, and we’re gearing up for candidate assignments in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia. We believe focusing on state races will help counteract Republican gerrymandering; cultivate strong, community-supported leaders who can grow into national leaders; and help shape state policies that affect people day-to-day. We’re in it for the long-term, through 2020 and beyond. Join us!

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